Monday, April 27, 2009

Consumer Debt Counseling Service

In the tough economic climate, more people are seeking the help of debt-counseling agencies to renegotiate credit-card interest rates or help them re-evaluate their budgets. You're not on your own.

When to Seek Help?
  • Taking short cuts, like going to a payday lender
  • Struggling to make the minimum payments on your CC
  • Getting a cash advance for everyday expenses
  • Harassed by creditors at all hours
Where to Seek Help? Answer is Consumer Debt Counseling Service(CDCS)

After a free 15-minute consultation, counselors work up an action plan, which details suggestions the debt counselor has for their household budget or, if necessary, suggestions for entering into a debt-management plan to lower credit-card interest rates and debt.

How to Seek Help? Check The Consumer Debt Counseling Service website to make an appointment today.

This offer a bit of anonymity since you don't have to share a Social Security number or birthdate for the consultation and advice.

One last note although some do legitimate work, many debt counseling companies charge more than their services are worth, according to the Federal Trade Commission. You can reach the Non Profit CCCS at for the online consultation, and other information.

Every day you put off seeking help is probably costing you.

Make an appointment today and start your new life


  1. I tried debt wasn't worth it. I found a reputable debt settlement company and have cut the payments in half, have closed 3 credit cards at less than 50% of the balance, and am way better off than consolidating or bankruptcy. Sure, my credit has been killed, but it was when I maxed out the cards and besides, I'm not looking to get more debt, just get out of the slavish rates/fees of credit cards. With debt consolidation it just prolonged the pain and inevitable. Debt settlement is way more deliberate and final. I'll be out of debt front to back in 2 years, the credit cards will get back way more of the balance than if I declared bankruptcy, and we can all start moving past this dark chapter. I recommend it to anyone. The guy I used was with DRC, his name was Rob 858-483-9600 x104...but go ahead and do your homework and find someone that fits you. This guy was a straight shooter and has gone to battle for me. That's not what i can say for the credit card co.s or debt counseling.

  2. I suggest you look for a company that offers both Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement. This allows the debt counselor to suggest multiple options, allowing you to choose the debt management agreement that fits your needs.